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Troubleshooting HDMI 3D Video
Tom Schulte

I’m sure you’ve noticed that video system troubleshooting has become much more challenging with feature-laden HDMI systems than it ever was with analog video systems, like good ole’ trusty component video. When an HDMI source device doesn’t produce the desired output on an HDMI display device, you most likely struggle to sort through all the possibilites for failure. One reason is that the HDMI cable payload is much more complex, as it is probably carrying video signals and multichannel audio signals, as well as auxilliary channel EDID data, HDCP content protection handshaking, audio and video infoframe data, CEC data, and hot plug signalling data. It may be routed through cable extenders, splitters, AV receiver, and a video processor. This can certainly add up to a challenging signal transmission system to maintain and troubleshoot.

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Maintaining Your Colorimeter
Chris Greenway

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure the accuracy and longevity of your colorimeter is to maintain it properly.

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Display Warm Up Rates - How Much Time is Enough?
Darell Bird

Some people may say that our main goal in calibrating a display is to achieve the best subjective experience possible. But since this experience is different for everyone, our main goal in calibrating should be to force the display into producing images that are exactly what the producers of a given video intended.

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Calibrating the Chroma 5
Darell Bird

I’ve really enjoyed my time working in the calibration labs at SpectraCal. It’s been a great chance to put my physics degree to work, and I’ve been proud of helping build a state-of-the art facility and process.

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