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SpectraCal Appoints AVProAlliance Distributor for Professional Calibration Products

(Seattle, WA) – December 12, 2012 – SpectraCal, Inc. the leading developer of video calibration software today announced the appointment of Sioux Falls, SD-based AVProAlliance as its Master Distributor for Professional Calibration Solutions. 

“AVProAlliance will provide the same standard of excellent customer care and support that SpectraCal formerly delivered directly,” SpectraCal CEO L.A. Heberlein said. 

In fact, in most cases, the customer representatives will be the same.  SpectraCal formerly supported customers from a Sioux Falls based office, and the personnel there have transferred to AVProAlliance.

“Many customers in this industry have had the same rep for fourteen years,” Heberlein said. 

“The company names change – Sencore, SpectraCal, or AVPro Alliance – but on the other end of the phone is the same Jerry Palleschi, Loel Wheeler, Steve Jackson, and Scott Reardon that has been making sure your professional calibration needs have been taken care of for over a decade,” he said.

The switch to an independent sales organization was made, SpectraCal said, to provide improved responsiveness to customer needs.  

“You’ll see AVProAlliance providing a broader range of products than we were able to do as SpectraCal, which always needed to focus on the primary responsibility for developing the CalMAN calibration market,” said Jerry Palleschi, who will lead the new sales organization.

AVProAlliance will retain the same phone numbers and toll-free lines formerly used by the SpectraCal organization:  +1 877 886 5112 and +1 605 274 6055.  The AVProAlliance website is

Heberlein and Palleschi emphasized that all existing business lines have been continued, and in many cases strengthened.  “Nothing has been dropped.  New hardware is continuing to be added, and CalMAN continues to be strengthened every day,” said Heberlein, pointing to the several strong features now being beta-tested in a new version of CalMAN.

“Only the company names have changed,” Palleschi stressed.  “The faces are the same.”

He added, “And our fanatical devotion to satisfying customer requirements will never change."

For additional information, see, write, or call +1 877 886 5112

AV Pro Alliance Contact Information:

Phone Number: 605-274-6055

SpectraCal Shows Radiance Color Cube Technology at CEDIA 2012 

(Indianapolis, IN) – September 5, 2012 – Lumagen, Inc., designers of the Radiance series of video processors, announced the first color cube processing for home theater at the CEDIA Expo today.  The processor is being shown in the SpectraCal booth, booth 1237 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

The color cube will allow more precise calibration to ensure the most accurate video image. 

Color cubes are also known as 3D Look-Up Tables (LUTs), although the technology is unrelated to stereoscopic (aka 3D) video.   Cube technology is currently used for characterizing high-end reference monitors in professional video production and post-production.   Color cube correction has never been available to the viewer at home.

“The new color cube processing in the Radiance is the first time the home user has been able to apply the same color correction technology as professionals who adjust color for a living,” said Derek Smith, founder and CTO of Seattle-based SpectraCal, Inc. 

Simultaneous with the availability of color cube functionality in the Radiance series, SpectraCal is releasing software to make use of the added levels of control.  SpectraCal’s CalMAN 5 automatically characterizes any video display and sets the Radiance appropriately to correct the display’s deviation from the standard. 

The Radiance color cube technology allows settings at 5 points of luminance, saturation, and hue, for a 5 x 5 x 5 cube.

“The 125 points of control ensure that nonlinearities in display technologies which could not be corrected by previous video processors can now be completely addressed by the Radiance,” said Jim Peterson, Lumagen’s President. 

“It’s amazing the difference in the quality of the video image before and after calibration with the Radiance 3D LUT,” said Joel Barsotti, SpectraCal’s Director of Software Development, who personally developed the Radiance implementation.   “After calibration, every color is visually indisguishable from the reference standard,” Barsotti said. 

“Even though the 125-point calibration is much more precise, the calibration itself is actually much faster and easier,” Smith said. 

The color cube technology, still in pre-release testing, is freely available to current Radiance owners.  

SpectraCal Releases Advanced Panel-Matching Software at InfoComm 2012

(Las Vegas, NV) – June 12, 2012 – SpectraCal’s award winning CalMAN 5 video display calibration software for correctly matching displays in video walls will be introduced at InfoComm 12.

The new CalMAN 5 software makes it fast and easy to correctly match display performance in this rapidly growing market segment.

SpectraCal is demonstrating the software in Booth N1268 of the Las Vegas Convention Center June 13- 15 at InfoComm 2012. 

“Multi-panel display walls are revolutionizing commercial A/V, however all the displays in the video wall must be correctly calibrated” explained Todd M. Sames, SpectraCal’s Sales Director. 

In boardrooms, classrooms, entertainment venues and digital signage, the arrival of lighter, brighter, lower-cost panels with thin bezels has been leading commercial A/V integrators to specify multi-panel walls where projectors and screens used to be installed.

As industry analyst Pete Putman explained recently, panels allow the integrator to “replace a two-piece projector/screen solution”

The downside of multi-panel walls is the need to match the output of all the panels precisely.

“When you’ve only got one panel on a wall, few people passing by will notice if it’s a little too blue,” explains Joel Silver, leader of the A/V industry’s educational arm, the Imaging Science Foundation.  “But if you have nine panels in a three-by-three array, it’s painfully obvious if Panel 5 is bluer than the rest.”  

Nearly all commercial A/V integrators can relate tales of spending hours longer than bid trying to make panels match, hours that resulted in only barely acceptable matches.

SpectraCal says its new panel-matching workflow, the leading feature of CalMAN 5 Professional display calibration software, makes panel matching much easier and faster.

“With CalMAN 5, you can match panels in a fraction of the time previously required,” Sames explained.  “And get better results.” 

One reason for the improvement is direct connection to the interfaces in commercial panels. 

“Over the last two years, SpectraCal has poured enormous development resources into making video display calibration better, faster, and easier,” explained Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technical Officer.    “The two biggest investments were creating new fourth-generation autocalibration algorithms, and directly interfacing the autocalibration to manufacturers’ displays.”

CalMAN 5 Commercial video display calibration software supports over thirty colorimeters and nearly as many video test pattern generators.


SpectraCal Releases Monitor Calibration Software for the Motion Picture & TV Broadcast Industries

(Las Vegas, NV) – April 16, 2012 – Seattle-based software developer SpectraCal, Inc. released CalMAN Studio display calibration software at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas today.

The device-independent software is designed for broadcast, production, and post-production professionals who view color critical motion picture and television content on reference studio and professional monitors.

CalMAN Studio characterizes a display in exacting detail and creates a characterization cube, also known as a 3D look-up table (LUT), that corrects a video signal to compensate for the monitor’s deviations from a reference standard.  This allows video professionals to be sure they are seeing exactly the same image on all monitors.

“If you’re making creative decisions based on what you see on a monitor,” said Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s Director of Marketing, “you must have complete confidence that the monitor is telling you the truth.”

Quain says that CalMAN Studio for DAVIO “gives you a higher degree of confidence than any previous software has allowed.”

CalMAN Studio is based on technology original developed in SpectraCal’s CalMAN, the display calibration solution used by nearly every professional calibrator today.   A great deal of research and development was invested in making sure that CalMAN Studio would satisfy the meticulous requirements of professionals in the broadcast, production, and post-production industries.

Several technological advances lead SpectraCal to claim that CalMAN Studio provides more accurate monitor characterization than any software previously available.

“Previous generations of software used a brute force method with very little intelligence,” explained Joel Barsotti, SpectraCal’s Director of Software Development. 

“CalMAN Studio uses adaptive intelligence to infer interpolated interior points in the cube,” Barsotti explained.  “This saves a phenomenal amount of time over the slog-through-every-point method.  Not only does this make CalMAN Studio as much as ten times faster, but we also make use of some of the time we gain to check our work.”

Barsotti said that existing monitor characterization software, having consumed a great deal of time making a single pass over the monitor, basically quits at that point.  “CalMAN Studio, on the other hand, goes back and checks each reference point iteratively, as many times as necessary, until we totally nail it,”  Barsotti said. 

“It’s basically the difference between try once and leave it, or don’t quit until it’s exactly right,” Barsotti said.

Once the characterization cube is finished, CalMAN Studio can store the result in any one of a number of industry standard image processors, including the Cine-tal DAVIO and the HDLink Pro from Blackmagic Design.   SpectraCal also announced today its own image processor, the SpectraCal ColorBox. 

SpectraCal is demonstrating the new software in Booth SL 9426 in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall on April 16-19, 2012. 

CalMAN Studio sells for $1595, and supports over thirty colorimeters and nearly as many video test pattern generators.

More information is available from the SpectraCal Studio web site

About SpectraCal

SpectraCal is the worldwide leader in image fidelity solutions.  SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays:  award-winning software, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.

For more information:

Joshua Quain
SpectraCal, Inc.
3528 Bagley Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
+1 206 420 7514

FPS and SpectraCal Announce CalMAN Support for Image AnyPlace and Introduce New Calibration Kit

Toronto, ON (January 31st, 2012) Flexible Picture Systems (FPS) and SpectraCal are pleased to announce full support for FPS’ Image AnyPlace and OmniScale product lines using SpectraCal’s CalMAN calibration software. 

Starting at CalMAN version 4.5, available today, Image AnyPlace and Omniscale products will be supported as calibration devices as a standard part of the CalMAN software.    Using Image AnyPlace as a calibration device, Pro AV Installers can precisely compensate for color, luminance and gamma factor inaccuracies in projection systems, by running CalMAN’s automated workflows, which precisely measure actual projector performance.  Image AnyPlace’s 10 bit output LUTs are then programmed under CalMAN’s control to provide complete and accurate compensation across the projectors’ entire Luminance range.    

Projection calibration becomes especially important in Edge Blending systems, where slight differences between projectors in a system become highly visible in image blend regions.  Full calibration of a multi-projector Edge Blending system can be performed in a matter of minutes.

“There is no time when it’s more obvious how crucial accurate projector calibration is than when you’re trying to make blend zones disappear,” says Steve Wood, President of Flexible Picture Systems.  “CalMAN makes the process fast and easy enough that everyone can do it.”

“Integrating CalMAN with Image AnyPlace brings calibration to the world of PRO AV projected displays,” says Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s VP of Sales and Marketing. 

The companies are further pleased to announce the introduction of the Image AnyPlace Calibration Kit as a standard item in FPS’ product catalog. The kit consists of a SpectraCal’s fast and accurate C6 colorimeter, the innovative and extensible AVFoundry digital video test pattern generator, and CalMAN 4.5 packaged conveniently in a carrying case. The Image AnyPlace Calibration Kit is intended as a toolkit item for Pro AV Installers. Installers purchase one kit and use it for multiple new installations and precision re-calibration of existing installations as projector bulbs age or are replaced. Dealer pricing for the Image AnyPlace Calibration Kit is $5,995, for sale immediately.

Flexible Picture Systems will be demonstrating a calibrated system at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam, January 31 - February 2, booth 7H172.

About SpectraCal: SpectraCal provides everything needed for ensuring image fidelity in video: the award-winning software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.  CalMAN Professional is the color calibration software used by nearly all professional video calibrators.

Contact: Joshua Quain

About Flexible Picture Systems: Flexible Picture Systems (FPS) is a manufacturing company in the business of providing high-end video and audio products for the professional AV and high-end Home Theater markets.  Headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, FPS is the exclusive manufacturer and source of the Image AnyPlace brand of geometry correcting/edge blending switcher/scalers.  Applications include simulation, Special Events, Houses of Worship, Digital Signage, Domed and Large Venue Theaters.  Visit for more information.

Contact: Melinda DeNicola


Digital View Partners SpectraCal For Precision Monitor Calibration 

(Morgan Hill, CA) January 24 2012 Leading LCD controller developer Digital View has announced a tie-up with calibration experts SpectraCal to offer support for the CalMAN automatic calibration tool on Digital View’s latest high performance LCD controllers.

Digital View’s partnership with SpectraCal offers their many LCD monitor builder and specialist display integrator clients a highly automated and simpler way to accurately calibrate their Digital View based LCD products.

CalMan software, with its easy to follow workflows, allows users to fully calibrate a display to conform with specific image specifications within 10 to 30 minutes, depending upon the scope of work. Interfacing via the serial RS-232 port on the Digital View LCD interface controller, the CalMAN software takes control of the gamma and image manipulation tools to automatically deliver the most accurate calibration result possible. The CalMAN software is compatible with all the major calibration probes and can be adapted to others if required.

“The partnership with Digital View brings one of the world’s leading LCD controller developers together with the very best in light science and process software engineering,” says Steve Jackson, Director of Business Development at SpectraCal. “We can now confidently tell our display partners that with Digital View and SpectraCal they are getting the best and most accurate image representation available in the market”.

“Our controllers have longed been used in image critical applications, from radar to broadcast and medical,” says Neil Wood, President of Digital View Inc. “Adding CalMAN support now provides a simple way and cost effective route for our integrator partners to quickly ensure the necessary consistency their customers rely upon.” 

The tie-up will also see a number of new products from the two companies. The first of which will be a workflow for multiple display matching in video wall applications. New interface technology from Digital View will combine with CalMAN to provide complete and simplified calibration for ‘tiled’ video applications - a process that has historically been both arduous and inaccurate.

SpectraCal and Digital View will be demonstrating the solution in January at ISE 2012, Amsterdam.

For more information contact:

Steve Jackson: Director of Business Development, SpectraCal:

Monitor Calibration Solution for Geospatial Intelligence

(Seattle, WA) – January 17, 2012 – The first solution for calibrating PC monitors to the exacting standards required in geospatial intelligence work was released today. CalMAN Geospatial is an offshoot of SpectraCal’s flagship product CalMAN, the most widely sold video calibration solution.

Geospatial intelligence (GeoInt) viewing requires the greatest possible visual detail and utmost visual accuracy.  CalMAN Geospatial ensures that each monitor is precisely calibrated to the standards required by geospatial intelligence agencies.   Prominent among the standards is an Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF, also referred to in the industry as “Gamma”) that makes sure each gradient step between black and white has an Equal Probability of Detection (EPD). 

Similar to the DICOM Grayscale Standard Display Function included in SpectraCal’s recently released medical calibration software CalMED+, the EPD curve used in geospatial intelligence requires extremely rigorous settings which the software calculates, tests, sets, and verifies.

“CalMAN Geospatial has been two years in the making,” says Christopher Greenway, CalMAN Geospatial Product Manager.  “We worked very closely over a long period with a major launch customer to make sure we met the needs of the GeoInt community exactly.”

In addition to the EPD gamma curve, CalMAN Geospatial accurately calibrates RGB balance.  This allows support of color as well as monochrome monitors.

Built around a highly customizable workflow architecture, the software uses a built-in pattern generator and monitor control client derived from SpectraCal’s CalPC product, and an auto calibration engine based on years of work in high definition video.

“Full RGB balancing across the whole grayscale can be accomplished in a few minutes by pushing a single button,” Greenway explains. 

The software produces complete and full-featured compliance reports, which can be customized to display exactly the information a user requires, in tabular format or in any of a wide variety of graph types. 

Users of SpectraCal’s other software products will not be surprised to find that CalMAN Geospatial  offers support for an extremely wide range of calibration hardware, including most light and color meters available in the industry. 

SpectraCal has also introduced a new colorimeter intended specifically for meeting GeoInt standards.  Dubbed the Geo-6, the new meter is extremely fast, accurate and rugged, and is priced lower than previously available colorimeters. 

CalMAN Geospatial takes advantage of all the hardware resources provided by the workstation, including both the industry standard Direct Display Control (DDC) interface and also direct access to the graphics adapter Look-Up Table (LUT).  A unique client-server architecture allows the calibration of multiple workstations over the network.

About SpectraCal

SpectraCal is the worldwide leader in image fidelity solutions.  SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays:  award-winning software, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.

For more information:

Christopher Greenway
SpectraCal, Inc.
3528 Bagley Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 588-0074


SpectraCal Announces Direct Calibration Connection for Sharp Elite

New CalMAN Support Added For The Sharp Elite

(Seattle, WA) – November 9, 2011 – Add Sharp Elite to the number of displays that can be directly controlled from leading video calibration software CalMAN. 

This fall, Sharp brought back an iconic name in television by introducing Elite LED LCD TVs designed for discerning consumers who want the best home entertainment experience.

SpectraCal, makers of the award-winning CalMAN, today announced a version of CalMAN that allows direct access to the Sharp Elite’s calibration controls. 

Before CalMAN, video calibration had been a complicated process of using on-screen menus with a remote control.  And every display has different controls, called by different names, with different sets of effects and side-effects.  With CalMAN, adjusting the display becomes as easy as adjusting the relative height of bars on a chart.

CalMAN directly communicates with the display, measures the result of the change, and zeroes in on the desired result. 

“CalMAN makes it much faster and easier to perform much better video calibrations,” explains Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technical Officer. 

In fact, some calibrations can be accomplished by pushing a single button. 

CalMAN offers three levels of support for the Sharp Elite, starting with direct access to individual display controls, such as brightness and contrast adjustments, on the computer interface – no remote control required.  Second, interactive charts allow the calibrator to set the display output to any desired standards. Finally the “one-button” CalMAN-AC™ automated calibration solution automatically adjusts all settings across multiple measurement points as a single operation. 

Elite LCD televisions incorporate proprietary RGB+Y technology, which adds a yellow sub-pixel to the standard red/green/blue color palette.  Sharp says that the addition of the yellow sub-pixel enables the reproduction of a much broader range of colors.  In addition, RGB+Y create higher brightness using less power and more accurately depicts vivid yellows and vibrant golds.

But RGB+Y technology also poses the possibility of additional difficulty for the calibrator, difficulty with which CalMAN’s automated technology solves.

With its control over the display’s color management system (CMS), adjustments that used to require hours can be accomplished in minutes. "CMS work is notoriously complicated and difficult to get right," explained Derek Smith, SpectraCal CEO.  "With CalMAN's DDC, you can create stunningly beautiful and accurate images – and you don't need a Ph.D. in physics and all day to make it happen."

The Sharp Elite was announced the winner of the 2011 HDTV shootout sponsored by Value Electronics last month. 

"In the seven years since we've held the shootout, this is the first time an LCD won," said Robert Zohn, the shootout’s sponsor. Zohn explained that the Elite did "exceptionally well" at uniformity (including blooming) and off-angle viewing, which have previously been weak points for LED-based displays.

The Sharp Elite workflow will be included in the new CalMAN AutoCal™ (AC) add-on license, promotionally priced at $99 for the month of November. Buy the CalMAN AutoCal™ add-on license in November and also get the CalPC add-on license for free. Additionally, new CalMAN software purchases (all licenses) in November will have both AutoCal and CalPC add-on licenses included. (Expected early December release date for Sharp Elite workflow.)

Free evaluation versions of CalMAN are available for download from the SpectraCal web site.

For more information, please go to or contact

About SpectraCal

SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays: the award-winning software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program. CalMAN DIY is the most popular color calibration software used by video enthusiasts worldwide.  SpectraCal is the number one supplier of technical training on calibration in the world.  Please visit for more information.

SpectraCal Supports Retail X-Rite i1Display Colorimeter

CalMAN 4.4 first independent software to support X-rite’s colorimeter

(Seattle, WA) – October 12, 2011 – When X-rite introduced the ground-breaking i1 Display Pro in June, SpectraCal, Inc. was the first independent software vendor to announce support for custom OEM versions of the new colorimeter.  Today SpectraCal deepened that support by also delivering support for X-rite’s own retail version of the i1 Display Pro. 

CalMAN Version 4.4 DIY Edition, announced by SpectraCal today

The X-rite retail version of the i1 Display Pro had previously not been usable with any software other than X-rite’s.

“The retail i1 Display Pro provides the most powerful and least expensive entry level package we’ve ever been able to offer,” says Alex Nguyen, Marketing Manager at SpectraCal.   “If you’ve been waiting for a great performing display calibration package within your budget for your media room or home theater, this is the kit for you!”

In the month of October, SpectraCal is selling the X-rite retail version of the i1 Display Pro, bundled with both X-rite’s software and CalMAN DIY Edition, for an introductory price of $379.

But Quain points out that you do not have to buy the X-rite meter from SpectraCal in order to use CalMAN. 

 “Wherever you buy your i1 Display Pro retail version, CalMAN will support it,” says Nguyen, explaining that this can make a huge difference in convenience to users in other parts of the world. 

“Instead of having to import an i1 Display from the United States, sometimes at quite a cost, European users can now purchase a retail i1 Display locally at a great savings,” Nguyen says.   

The DIY Edition of CalMAN which supports the retail version of the i1 Display Pro is available for download from the SpectraCal web site for $199. 

For more information, please go to or contact

About SpectraCal

SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays: the award-winning software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program. CalMAN DIY is the most popular color calibration software used video enthusiasts worldwide.  SpectraCal is the number one supplier of technical training on calibration in the world.  Please visit for more information. 

About X-Rite

(NASDAQ: XRIT - News) X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. The company, which now includes color industry leader Pantone LLC, develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical. For further information, please visit


SpectraCal and Klein Instruments Announce K-10 Cinema Pro Optimized for Home Theater

Offered at introductory price of $4995 in October

(Portland, OR) – October 12, 2011 – Klein Instruments and SpectraCal announced today the K-10 Cinema Pro. The Cinema Pro is a new version of Klein’s heralded K-10 non-contact colorimeter, optimized for home theater video calibration.

By removing features unneeded in home theater calibration, Klein was able to create an instrument that is even more accurate than previous K-10s, while costing less

“The K-10 was designed to serve a wide variety of uses,” says Luhr Jensen, the K-10’s inventor. “By removing features the home theater calibrator doesn’t need, we’ve been able to create a version that is even more accurate at the measurements needed in the home theater, and also reduce the price.”

Among the features Klein removed in the Cinema Pro are the short focus aiming light option, the external aiming light switch, various calibration files not used in home theater, and Klein’s software utilities. 

“The Cinema Pro edition is optimized for use with CalMAN,” Jensen says, referring to SpectraCal’s video calibration software CalMAN, the software solution used by nearly all professional home theater calibrators. “You don’t need the external switch when CalMAN lets you turn the laser on and off from software.” 

To promote the introduction of the K-10 Cinema Pro, Klein Instruments and SpectraCal have teamed up to offer an unprecedented low price of $4995.

“Anyone who has ever had a chance to use a K-10 wants one,” says Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technology Officer. “In our calibration classes, people always hog the station with the K-10.”

In addition to offering extremely precise and repeatable readings, the K-10 Cinema Pro provides its results very quickly. Particularly in automated calibrations involving many measurements, the K-10 Cinema Pro’s speed makes a huge difference in the total calibration time.

“The only reason every calibrator doesn’t have one already is price,” says Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “This special introduction price makes the K-10 Cinema Pro much more affordable and should allow people who haven’t been able to get a K-10 before to  have the meter they really desire,” Quain said.

The K-10 Cinema Pro is available exclusively from SpectraCal.

For more information, please go to or contact

SpectraCal and basICColor Announce Highly Capable Colorimeter

DISCUS demolishes previous color meter price/performance benchmarks

(Seattle, WA) – September 6, 2011 – SpectraCal, Inc. and basICColor announced the DISCUS colorimeter, providing accuracy in colorimetry previously available only with much more expensive instruments.

 “We were amazed when we measured the DISCUS in our calibration lab,” says Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technology Officer.   “We didn’t think this level of sensitivity and repeatability was possible with such a moderately priced tristimulus device,” Smith said.

“We’re very pleased that SpectraCal has chosen the DISCUS to anchor its product line,” says Karl Koch, basICColor’s Managing Director.  “CalMAN is respected around the world, and SpectraCal’s support of DISCUS will certainly speed its adoption in with professional video calibrators.”   

basICColor created the DISCUS to bring affordable high-end accuracy to the pre-press proofing market, and turned to SpectraCal to introduce the instrument to professional video calibrators.  basICColor appointed SpectraCal exclusive distributor in North America, and non-exclusive Master Distributor throughout the rest of the world.  

“One look at the DISCUS makes professional video calibrators want to own it,” says Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s VP of Sales and Marketing.   The plane-parallel, anodized aluminum unibody chassis is extremely rugged and robust, and will hold up well to continuous daily use in the field by video professionals.  
DISCUS sensors are particularly capable of measuring deep blacks, and the dichroic glass color filters are far more stable than plastic filters.

 To produce highly consistent measurements, the DISCUS tracks its internal temperature and applies a calibration adjustment to compensate for temperature variations.   This gives the unit an operating range, without measurement deviation, of 10°C to 50°C.

The DISCUS can also measure ambient light. A wheel on the measuring side of the unit can be twirled between three positions: closed, open or open with the ambient light dome over the sensor.

The DISCUS is designed and manufactured in Germany.   SpectraCal then enhances each DISCUS individually in their Seattle calibration lab, adding support for additional device types.  Each DISCUS ships with a Certificate of Performance verifying its accuracy on each device type.  
DISCUS support is included in the current version of SpectraCal’s award-winning CalMAN video calibration software, the de facto standard in the CEDIA industry.   (CalMAN Commercial and Expert licenses support the DISCUS.)    

The DISCUS will be demonstrated in SpectraCal’s booth 4961 at CEDIA Expo, the annual trade show of the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, September 8-10.

 The price of the DISCUS is $1995.   Visitors to Booth 4961 can receive an introductory discount. 

SpectraCal is building a DISCUS reseller network.   Prospective dealers should call +1 877-886-5112 North America, or +1-605-274-6055 international.

For more info, please go to, or contact

About SpectraCal
SpectraCal provides the tools needed to create and maintain image fidelity in video, including   the award-winning video calibration software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.  CalMAN is the color calibration software used by nearly all professional video calibrators.  SpectraCal is the number one supplier of calibration training in the world.  Please visit for more information.

About basICColor GmbH
basICColor is a leading manufacturer of color management software and offers a complete range of products from ICC profiling to quality control and color workflow automation.  basICColor´s engagement in softproofing for the graphic arts industry led to the conclusion that there are no high-quality but affordable monitor colorimeters in the market. Thus basICColor entered the field of hardware design and presented the basICColor DISCUS which was awarded the Photokina Star at its debut in 2010.   More information can be found at

SpectraCal and Entertainment Experience Announce Next Generation Image Processor

eeColor image processor with 3D LUT exploits advances in color science to include the viewing environment and viewer’s experience

(Seattle, WA) – August 30, 2011 – SpectraCal, Inc. and Entertainment Experience announced the eeColor image processor, providing unprecedented control over video images.

Leveraging over 35 years of research in visual color science by experts from Kodak, universities, and Hollywood film production, eeColor produces “the brightest and most colorful moving images that I have seen,” says Mark Fairchild, Director of the PhD Color Science Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Jason Turk, chief engineer at AVScience says eeColor is “like nothing else on the market.”  eeColor adds “a vibrancy to the colors that I have never seen to date,” Turk says.  

Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, explains that this is partly because eeColor for the first time allows full use of displays’ ever-expanding capabilities. 

“Manufacturers have been hard at work expanding the color capacity of their displays,” Smith says, “But to achieve image fidelity, we’ve had to turn all the expanded capacity off.  With eeColor, you can now make full use of the expanded color gamut current displays allow, while still maintaining accurate flesh tones,” Smith explains.  

eeColor utilizes proprietary technology based on newly understood physics of adaptive vision. 

“The purpose of video calibration is to improve the experience of the humans who view the content,” says Tom Schulte, SpectraCal’s Market Development Manager.  “But traditional calibration leaves out the human factors and room lighting.”  Schulte explains that eeColor for the first time incorporates the human visual system and human experience into the calibration.

eeColor is the first product to bring 3D Look-Up Tables (LUTs) to the home theater market.  As used here, “3D” has nothing to do with depth perception, funny glasses, and blue-skinned creatures; it refers to number of axes of color control over the video image.   Previous video processors had only had one axis of control, a “1D LUT.” 

“Professionals who create content have long known they need a 3D LUT to give them complete control over the image,” says Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s VP of Sales and Marketing.  “But this is the first time the viewer has ever been given the same level of control.” 

The unique eeColor architecture allows loading custom eeColor tables to optimize specific viewing conditions.  For example, eeColor tables can be easily downloaded into the eeColor processor to support outdoor viewing, games, sports, and fluorescent lighting, and others.

SpectraCal’s award-winning CalMAN video calibration software, the de facto standard in the video industry, has been substantially enhanced to support eeColor.  With the appropriate CalMAN license, eeColor calibration is automated.    

The eeColor processor will be demonstrated in SpectraCal’s booth number 4961 at CEDIA Expo, the annual trade show of the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, September 8-10. 

Offered exclusively through SpectraCal, the eeColor processor lists for $1595.   From now through September 10, the eeColor can be purchased at an introductory price of $1195.  SpectraCal will also sell add-on eeColor tables for unique content and lighting. 

SpectraCal is building a reseller network of CEDIA professionals for eeColor. 

About SpectraCal

SpectraCal provides the tools needed to create and maintain image fidelity in video, including the award-winning video calibration software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.  CalMAN is the color calibration software used by nearly all professional video calibrators.  SpectraCal is the number one supplier of technical training on calibration in the world.  Please visit for more information.

About Entertainment Experience

Entertainment Experience, LLC was established in 2008 with a worldwide focus on changing the cost/value performance of digital entertainment solutions in homes.  As a full solution provider, Entertainment Experience recognizes that digital quality requires a system view, involving every element of the digital content, distribution and home imaging devices.   More information is available at

SpectraCal and X-Rite Announce Next Generation SpectraCal C6™ Colorimeter

Developed by X-Rite and customized for SpectraCal, the SpectraCal C6™ reads up to 5x faster, measures more accurately at lower light levels, and offers greater versatility than its predecessor, the Chroma 5.

(Seattle, WA) – July 5, 2011 – SpectraCal, Inc. and X-Rite Incorporated are proud to announce two new professional colorimeters –the SpectraCal C6™ and an OEM i1Display – both customized versions of X-Rite’s recently released i1Display Pro device.

SpectraCal, the leading developer of video calibration software and training, in conjunction with X-Rite, the leading developer and manufacturer of color measurement instrumentation and software, teamed up to optimize high quality and well priced colorimeters tailored specifically for customers concerned with optimum picture quality in critical viewing environments, such as post-production video, digital signage and medical markets.